Famicom Fighters is a fighting game where various characters throughout the Famicom's and NES's library duke it out with each other!

There's several battle formats: your traditional 1-on-1 fight, tag team battles or teams up to four characters that swap out after each one is defeated. Not only can you do your standard versus matches, there's even your traditional arcade mode as well as a survival mode! You can even play with others on-line! Famicom Fighters also utilizes the original Famicom/NES controls, allowing you to even use a Famicom/NES controller!

However, the question remains as to why they're all together like this. What has brought them here? Who is running the tournament? Who knows...

Are you playing with power?
Full Game (Update: 10-26-2020)


Local version is mainly single-player with some local multiplayer options.
Multiplayer has netplay and is more multiplayer-oriented. It does not have arcade, survival or training modes.

Super Famicom Fighters Turbo 70 Pepoles (April Fools 2015)

Family Fighters 3 Special (April Fools 2016)

MC Jimmy's tracks (Both games)

Brightentayle's tracks (Family Fighters 3 Special)


These were special editions of Famicom Fighters that have nothing to do with the main game. Most of these were jokes for when April Fools came around.

Life Without Regrets
General Stuff

Q1: What is Famicom Fighters?
A1: You might want to reread the overview.

Q2: What engine does it use?
A2: There's two versions of Famicom Fighters; one that uses the MUGEN 1.0 engine and the other uses the IKEMEN Plus engine.

Q3: Where can I see development progress? Can I report a bug?
A3: Under FEEDBACK, there are links to the MUGEN Guild subforum and a Discord channel where you can look. Contact details are also there.

Q4: Can I use a USB NES controller?
A4: Yes! The control scheme follows the Famicom/NES controller scheme.

Q5: What operating systems is it available for?
A5: Both versions are only for Windows, sorry!

Q6: Will any of the characters be converted for standard MUGEN/IKEMEN?
A6: The Standalone section contains characters that have been converted for standalone use. From Kid Niki and onwards, all characters that are finished for FCF will also be available for download.

MUGEN version

Q1: What's different in the MUGEN version?
A1: The MUGEN version has the arcade mode, survival modes, and training mode. The pause menu is also available here, letting you look at your commands when needed. The MUGEN version will also have the actual story and contains bonus stages. It's geared more for single-player and learning the game although it does come with local multiplayer.

IKEMEN version

Q1: What's different in the IKEMEN version?
A1: The biggest thing is netplay is included and you can also save replays of matches. However, IKEMEN has a bit of a different set-up with its controls which is listed in the next question.

Q2: How do I set up a match?
A2: Use a VPN such as Hamachi or Lanbridger and set up your room/group/etc. In-game, select the netplay option. For those host, you don't need to enter anything; just hit OK. The one joining has to copy the host's IP, paste it in the box and hit OK. Make sure your firewall has an exception in case it doesn't work.
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Music CDs (Shipping and handling only):
Contact-only through MC Jimmy: http://mcjimmy.net/contact/

These CDs were originally given away for free at RetroGameCon 2019. They only include the first 13 tracks off of this album: https://mcjimmy.bandcamp.com/album/famicom-fighters
The CDs are re-writeable so they can be used to add future tracks.
Discord Server
MUGEN Guild subforum

KingPepe (Head, programmer):
E-Mail: kpepe@live.com
Twitter: @KingPepe_BGW

MC Jimmy (Composer):
Site: http://mcjimmy.net/
Contact Page: http://mcjimmy.net/contact/